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Gym Package

Gym Package

Gym Package $85,000

Financing Available

Located in Springfield Mo can be shipped

14 piece cybex/hammer selectrise circuit

Chest Press


Lat pull down

Row/rear delt

Pec Fly



Leg ext

Leg curl

Leg press




Low back

Plate loaded Simba Fitness New

Leg press

Hack Squat or V squat

Hip Thrust

Dual chest/high row

Mid Row

T bar row

Flat Bench

Incline Bench

Decline Bench

Half Rack

Smith Machine Half Rack

New Simba 8 stack

New 5-100 dbs

2 Db Racks

2 Fid Benches

New rubber weight plates

Fixed curl bar set 20-110lb with rack

4 Precor Treadmills

3 Precor Ellipticals

1 precor Amt

2 Precor recumbent bikes

1 Life Fitness Powermill

1 New Rower

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